Bumps to 6 Months


This weekly group runs for 1 hour and is for pregnant mums* and mums and partners with babies up to 6 months in age.

It is an informal session to allow parents to chat between themselves, meet other parents and gain friendly support in their local area.

Spaces are limited to keep the group small and welcoming whilst adhering to Covid guidelines so must be booked before coming along.

Sarah or Pippa will be hosting each session and there will be a wide range of weekly themes to encourage parents to talk about relevant postnatal topics with lots of accompanying information on display that parents will find useful.

Themes will include:

  • Sleeping- my baby’s sleep, and mine
  • Feeding – my baby’s feeding, and mine
  • Crying- my baby’s and my own crying
  • Relationship changes – with my colleagues, family, neighbourhood, partner etc
  • Finding your Village (creating a support network)
  • Time for me
  • Dealing with advice
  • Work and home life
  • Expectations and the realities of becoming a parent
  • What about me now the baby’s here?
  • Milestones for me and milestones for my baby
  • Activities for a parent and baby- where to go and what to do, indoor and outdoor ideas


£3 per parent
(we do not charge extra for parents with twins)


Most Fridays 3pm – 4pm

*Pregnant mums are very welcome, but we would ask that current NHS Covid recommendations for shielding be followed by individuals