Feel A Fairy Tale Sensory Classes Kent


Sensory classes encourage and stimulate your baby’s and pre-schooler’s sensory world. They are also designed to underpin your child’s cognitive development including such things as language skills, information processing and co-ordinating their movements. Most importantly though, they’re great fun!

Having run sensory classes in venues for many years, I have taken the decision to now run them online so that parents can access the classes whenever they want, as often as they, at an affordable price and all from the comfort of their own home. The package includes a sensory box (worth £40) which is full of fun and interesting items to be used with the classes.

The classes are professionally filmed with other parents and children in the hall so that it feels as though you are participating in a live class. They follow the exact format of the Feel A Fairy Tale classes and use a different fairy tale for each class as a theme.

Suitable for babies and children up to 5 years of age.

Watch The Sensory Class video below, or visit The Sensory Class website for more information:




Benefits of Feel A Fairy Tale Sensory classes

Recent research shows that the most important time for development is the first year of life. It’s been shown that encouraging the sensory perceptions of a baby can:


  • Enhance emotional development in babies
  • Encourage cognitive development in babies
  • Underpin and enhance a strong parent to child bond
  • Boost development of social and language skills in babies
  • Encourage hand to eye co-ordination in babies
  • Give parents increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Give parents a social environment to enjoy time with other mums and dads



“I have been taking George (now 10 months) to ‘Feel a Fairytale’ since he was around 8 weeks old and we have both loved every session! As George grows, he gets different things out of the class, from sensory lights and sign language to his firm favourite, the musical instruments! Sarah teaches every class with 100% enthusiasm and professionalism and her class is a real treat for us each week.”

Becca (mum to George)


“I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah at an NCT course she was running and was extremely impressed with how personable and knowledgeable she is. We have been attending the Feel A Fairytale classes since my daughter, now 9 months old, was only 2 months. Sarah is a true professional who uses a variety of techniques including sensory play, singing and signing to stimulate the babies. I can honestly say that this is by far the best class we have attended and never hesitate to recommend these to any of my Mum friends. Whether your baby is newborn or older these classes have something to offer you, it’s been amazing to watch my little one develop and I truly believe that they have made an incredibly positive impact on her development. Thank you Sarah!”

Naomi (mum to Imogen)


“We have attended Sarah’s Feel a Fairy Tale classes since my son was three months old. He is now almost 7 months and these are his absolute favourite classes of the week. He becomes so animated during the classes, laughing along and interacting with the other babies. Sarah’s Stories are always well thought out with some excellent chew friendly props and we love the singing and bubbles at the end. The best past (for me) is that my son has been so stimulated during the class that he has a two hour nap straight after the class! Cannot recommend these classes enough!”

Lucy (mum to Finlay)